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Walk Down the Memory Lane

Did you study at VisvaBharti University at Santiniketan?

Then walk down the memory lane and see whether you remember:
-Kalor Dookan, the tea shop?

-Rabindra Sangeet -Music composed by Tagore?

--Vasantostav- the festival of colors?

-The `Fisherman's Family' sculpture at Kalabhavan?

-The "Good if U Skip" food in the hostels?

-Guys hanging around outside Srisadan, the girls' hostel?

-The Bouls, Bob Dylan wrote `Tamborine Man' on one of them!

-The Music, dance and all the cultural activities in the evenings?

-The Camp Fires?

-The Rikshaws, the Dadas, the Puffed  Rice (Cchaal Mudi)...

Well, here is a place for all of us to meet!!!

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