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Vidya Bhavana is the school of languages and social sciences at VisvaBharti University, Santiniketan.

Established by Rabindranath Tagore, the school offers courses in a no. of languages viz., English, Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, Sanskrit, Oriya, Arabic, Persian, German etc.
The other subjects on which courses are offered include, Indology & Archaeology,  Economics, Geography, Modern History, Philosophy, Education, Political Science.

Here the teachers and students form an extended family. An ideal place, if studying in a place blessed with natural beauty, nice and friendly people, and a rich cultural background is something that you are looking forward to. The University and the various departments have a number of good libraries.

Vidyabhavana also has some wonderful teachers, The teacher whom I respect the most for his in-depth knowledge and scholarship is Dr. Ganapati Subbiah, in the dept. of Indology & Archaeology. He is a great authority in the areas religion, temple architecture and ancient history. Many Indian and Foreign (Mostly American) students have done their  Ph.D. under his guidance.
There many more good reasons for one to consider Vidya Bhavana at Santiniketan. I passed out from 'niketan in 1992 and continue to miss the place even now!!!

This site intends to propagate the importance of peace the way Tagore envisaged it.  Please visit Santiniketan Message Board and let yourself be heard.

And if you were in Santiniketan, please mail me details of yourself and others that you are currently in touch with. In return I could get you in Touch with a lotta' cool ex-'niketanites!) Let's join hands in getting our university a well deserved place on the web.

As about myself, I graduated from 'niketan in 1992 and am currently doing an MBA in the US (more when you get in touch!!!)
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