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Santiniketan Online!

Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel Prize winner for Literature (1913) ) established a university - VisvaBharti' at Santiniketan near Calcutta in India. Located about 3 kilometers from Bolpur Railway station, the University is a township on its own.

VisvaBharti offers courses up to Postdoctorate level. It is probably the only university in the world where at least some classes are conducted under trees. It's a great seat of traditional and contemporary art. Many renowned contemporary Indian artists from fields such as Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Music, Dance etc. live and work there. It's the peaceful atmosphere in Santiniketan that has attracted so much talent to the university.
This page intends to propagate the importance of Peace the way Tagore visualized it.
Please visit Santiniketan Message Board and let yourself be heard.

And if you were in Santiniketan, please mail me details of yourself and others that you are currently in touch with. In return I could get you in Touch with a lotta' cool ex-'niketanites!)
Let's join hands in getting our university a well deserved place on the web.

As about myself, I graduated from 'niketan in 1992. Currently I'm doing my MBA in the US after a long stint in marketing and telecom (more when you get in touch!!!)

You can help in making this site better! For details, get in touch.

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